25 Great Reasons

to Volunteer Today.


Help others

Make a difference

Find a purpose

Enjoy meaningful work

Connect with your community

Make new friends

Contribute to a worthy cause 

Use your skills in a productive way

Develop new skills

Meet new people 

Be inspired

Explore new areas of interest 

Impress yourself

Expand your horizons

Get out of the house

Help advance a great mission

Strengthen your resume

Feel better

Enjoy staying active

Give back to your community

Serve as a role model

Lead by example

Good citizenship

Change someone's life

Change your life


& Start Making A Difference....Today!

Service opportunities abound for individuals who desire to volunteer and who desire to make a difference in St. Johns County!  The following organizations have ongoing needs for volunteers to assist in advancing their missions.

To learn more about the amazing organizations in our community, please click on the following links: